Covid-19 & Our New Service

Opening a restaurant with the current restrictions has driven us to rethink the way in which the restaurant will operate. Our priorities are to keep both our staff and those of you dining with us safe, whilst still maintaining all of the aspects of service we know and love. We ultimately want everyone that dines with us to feel comfortable and at ease.

We will be running table service both inside and outside the restaurant and the tables throughout will be spaced with social distancing in mind. Inside the restaurant windows and doors will be kept open to improve ventilation unless the waves are coming over the roof!

All of our team have been trained specifically in covid-19 specific practices and are temperature-tested before each shift.

It goes without saying that we will be washing our hands frequently, whilst implementing an extremely thorough cleaning programme. Updated risk assessments and cleaning procedures are available and have been assessed by an independent hygiene company.

We will be accepting cash, however contactless payments will be encouraged where possible.

We will also require all guests to ‘check-in’ with their basic contact details, so that we can compile information for the national tracing efforts. This information will never be used for any other use. More information on that when you book with us.

All our staff will be wearing masks and the same is now required from you whilst moving around the restaurant. Of course, once you’re sitting in your seat, you may remove your mask.

We have taken the decision, along with many across the industry, to address the issue of service charge on your bill. Whilst we always distributed the full amount of service charge amongst our staff, the government furlough scheme exposed a flaw and left some of the country’s hardest working, without much security. We will now guarantee our staff’s wages in a more concrete way and this 12.5% will be incorporated fully into the price of food and drink.